Why is spirituality so important?


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We chat all things Spirituality with Sili Recio. She shares her journey of becoming a Priestess. She answers questions on connecting to our loved ones that have passed, setting up an altar, and the beauty of death. We talk about her amazing children's book: "If Dominican were a Color" and her journey to writing It.
Sili has been calling herself a writer since she won a trophy in a poetry contest in the sixth grade. She is an Afro-Dominican storyteller, disruptor, and Mami. Sili earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rollins College. She entered the world of social media via her blog in 2010, and has never looked back. Sili lives in Florida with her daughter, the Frog Princess, and tries not to pass on her love of café con leche to her child. She is failing. You can visit her at SiliRecio.com.
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