The Million Dollar Realtor with Jenna Swinwood


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Do you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’ll reach the level of success you envision for your life?

The first step to achieving it is truly believing it. Then, get clear on your goals and channel your focus towards them.

Because where focus goes, energy flows, and results show.

Jenna grew up knowing one thing - that she was going to be extremely successful one day.

She didn’t come from wealth, but she knew what she wanted and used focused energy to get it.

Jenna began her journey as a real estate professional in 2006 and found moments of success, but knew she could do so much more. It wasn’t until 2017 after joining my M1 Mastermind that she focused on leveraging others, boosted her mindset, and skyrocketed her net worth to over $2 Million!

Since then, Jenna has been unstoppable! With her passion for success and helping others, Jenna truly has reinvented the once daunting real estate experience.

In this episode of the Rock Your Money, Rock Your Life, Jenna and I discuss how she became a multimillionaire, how M1 completely transformed her life, and why focused energy is the most impactful way of living.

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