S01WS12 - You know, like the Dippin’ Dots but hot dogs


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This episode of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: Whine & Spirits Edition! Tommy and Desombre have a nice conversation!

  • Non-exhaustive list of topics this episode:

  • Bodily Fluids

  • Stats and classes

  • Keeping the DM on his toes

  • Teasing the upcoming oneshot

  • Desombre and Tommy bond over being foodies

  • Tommy's anime watchlist

  • Rude D&D charcters

  • Call of Cthulu/Food Wars

  • Pizza (of course)

  • Nuns on a Roll

  • Accents

  • A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Lord of the Rings

  • D&D Lore

  • The Summer of Strahd is coming!

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