Easiest Way to Repurpose Your Content - with Hani Mourra of Repurpose.io


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Shownotes(00:20) Intro(2:07) Introduction to Hani Mourra and Repurpose.io(9:49) The basics of repurposing content(16:21) What types of content are the most shareable?(22:32) Hani’s advice to small business owners looking to dive into podcasts/videos(26:58) What’s coming up next for Repurpose(28:10) Wrap up(31:00) Rapid Fire
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Quotes“Don’t feel like you have to create content every single day. You’re creating maybe once a week, or maybe you’re doing it in batch for the whole month, but don’t get into the cycle of feeling like I’m always behind.” (14:54)
“If you can then just create once and then it automatically promotes for you, I mean you’re obviously able to then focus on the next thing.” (15:28)
“Don’t be discouraged when you go live. Even if nobody’s there. Hey, you just created a video. Done. You just record it, done. And then you can repurpose that into 20, 25 pieces of content relatively easily.” (26:27)

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