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Shownotes(0:20) Intro(2:07) Introducing James King(7:50) James’ mentality behind educating customers in an intimidating industry(20:58) How King James Wine School stands out from the crowd(26:21) James’ Social media strategy(33:40) Wrap Up(36:50) Using a saber to open champagne
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Quotes“I love it because I’m passionate about it, and seeing other people coming in regularly and just beginning to sort of go ‘I had that wine. It was beautiful, can you suggest another? Can we look at something else? Give me another region.’” (21:10)
“A lot of people go into the liquor stores, which I define as different to what I am, which is a fine wine store. They go in and buy the same product every time, nobody gives them assistance. The majority of my clientele, I probably spend 10 minutes with each client. I have that ability to do. So therefore, it’s that they want to learn more.” (22:25)

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