Master E-Commerce Marketing w/Robby Switzer & Daniel Stafford of Shopanova [Founder's Series]


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Shownotes(0:30) Intro(5:54) Shopanova’s backstory(12:10) What sets Shopanova apart(16:49) Company culture(21:56) What you communicate with your ads(26:11) Advice for people starting their own business(31:37) Wrap up
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Quotes“I feel like if we could do it, knowing what we knew and building this out, like it should inspire anyone to be able to take those same steps and build a successful business.” (11:13)
“It’s not going to be about us showing up and trying to just take a flat retainer, take their money, even though they might be willing to pay for those services. Maybe they need those services, but we really want to have this idea that we’re working together to create an awesome result together.” (14:59)

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