Getting Creative with Influencer Marketing w/ Jesse Lane of Branches Mission Lab


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Shownotes(1:37) What are you obsessed with?(5:52) Introducing Jesse and Branches Mission Lab(9:10) Partnering nonprofits with influencers(14:32) Cost of an influencer marketing campaign(19:00) Alternative fundraising methods to in-person events(21:37) Tracking success in influencer marketing(27:59) Maintaining authenticity and integrity in influencer marketing(30:58) Wrap up(32:29) Rapid Fire
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Quotes“We always recommend that if you have relationships, which everyone does, with someone that has an audience that’s aligned with what you do, then that’s a great place to start. Even if it’s a relationship of a relationship, you know, finding those connection points. That’s always the best place to start.” (13:03)

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