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Shownotes(1:21) What are you obsessed with this week?(7:22) Introducing Soapbox Influence (11:57) What companies need to know about influencer marketing(18:40) Being an influencer is a real job!(23:36) Qualities of a good influencer(26:39) Micro-Influencers(29:12) Advice for brands looking to get into influencer marketing(32:42) What’s next for Soapbox Influence?(35:27) Wrapping up(37:30) Rapid Fire
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Quotes“The hand selection, the hand vetting of influencers and the way you, you know, create an application process for an influencer to partner with a brand is extremely important that they feel comfortable. You know, that the brand persona fits their audience persona, that the demographics align, and that you know they actually believe and stand behind these products. And then it does work, and it works very effectively that way.” (16:58)
“When it comes to promoting products, I think it’s people just being passionate about what they have and what they do, and what is making them better. And that’s what we’re doing with our jobs too, you know. I feel like they’re just getting to do it solo.” (19:31)

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