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Shownotes(1:37) What are you obsessed with?(10:05) Introducing Randy and I am Northwest Arkansas(18:57) Staying true to your podcast’s direction(29:02) How to promote your podcast?(39:06) How podcasting will evolve in the future(43:15) Wrap up(45:34) Rapid Fire
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Quotes“I think it’s something that anybody, any creator needs to think about, right? I mean, when you create anything, I don’t care if it’s a podcast or artwork or whatever, you have to have a why behind it. And if the why iis not big enough, it’s going to be hard to do what you do.” (19:01)
“It was a phrase I learned a long time ago. ‘It’s a pitiful frog that doesn’t praise its own pond.’ If you don’t like where you are, you need to get up and move. And if you do like where you are, then you need to dig your heels in and put some time in.” (31:29)
“Even if you create a podcast and you get 500 downloads a week, or 500 download a month, that’s like you being in an audience with 500 people that are listening to what you have to say.” (42:22)

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