How to Build Killer Facebook Groups with Lyndi Fultz[Rebroadcast]


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Show Notes[00:03:15] What are you obsessed with? Lyndi: Homemaker Chic Loren: Locke & Key Bryan: Texas Metal [00:09:30] About Lyndi[00:15:15] How do you come up with content?[00:20:45] How do you stay consistent?[00:28:40] Transitioning from a single Live, to a regular show[00:33:35] How do I make my group successful from the start?[00:43:10] How do you authentically keep people connected?[00:49:45] Rapid Fire Questions
LinksQuotes“Don’t chase the money. It’s all about connecting back to why you started. Tell your story.” [00:13:30]
“I changed a little bit… I am not the person to carry that torch anymore. I love it, but I have a different voice now. When I did, I lost my numbers. That is what I did not want to happen. But what are you going to do? Now, I am slowly building up and I am ok with that.” [00:25:40]

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