How to Monetize your Podcast with Patreon with Daniel Quin[Rebroadcast]


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GRX Podcast Ep.42: Daniel Quin
[00:01:54] David’s Background[00:06:58] What are you obsessed with this week? Loren: Si-Fi Daniel: Picard Show Bryan: Kegerator[00:13:27] What keeps you going?[00:15:19] When do you decide to try Patreon? [00:17:02] How does Patreon work?[00:20:32] Do’s and Don’ts of Patreon[00:26:23] What is Voice Press?[00:29:22] Recording Live Shows[00:31:07] Interacting with fans[00:34:22] Advice for finding your niche in the podcast world[00:43:10] Why would you start a Patreon?[00:51:46] Rapid Fire Questions
Quotes from the Podcast:
“...this [podcasting] was just a cheap excuse to get into people's shops and talk to people and learn. And I knew that would keep me going no matter what. That I would always want to do that.” [00:14:39]
“Even if there’s only fifty people or a hundred people listening to the show or whatever the number might be like, that's still that many people that picked you to listen to out of every possible option. Now you matter to them.” [00:32:04]
“Engage with your audience, because it’s everything.” [00:33:54]
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