Judge Karen Friedman on How COVID-19, BLM Movement & Mental Illness Are Affecting Criminal Justice System


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Baltimore Judge Karen Friedman lays down the law on how #COVID19,, the #BLM Movement, #mentalillness and the recent surge in #crime and #donesticviolence are affecting the #criminaljustice system.

Plus, Judge Karen and I have an open and honest conversation about the historic bond between Blacks and Jews on the frontlines of #racialjustice and how that historic bond is needed now more than ever.

In this episode of Rolonda On Demand, I continue my cool conversations about race, class and justice with Baltimore's Judge Karen Friedman who expresses grave concern over the rise of hate crimes, including anti-semiticism, most hurtfully and recently from Black celebrity, Nick Cannon. Judge Friedman cites the historic bond between Blacks and Jews and encourages continued bonding, learning each others' history and counseling in some cases over cancelling.

Judge Karen grew up in Brooklyn, New York in an Orthodox Jewish family. She attended a right wing all Jewish Orthodox school but was raised in an “open-minded” family. She credits this open-mindedness for her success. While her brothers all became rabbis, Judge Friedman became a judge. Her mother maintained a business while her father was a business school professor.

At the age of 19 Judge Friedman moved to Maryland and would go on to attend the University of Maryland School of Law. The connections she made at the law school and the friendships she forged proved to be a great asset to her in the future. When a Probate Judge died, she was asked to fill the vacant position, and was appointed Probate Judge by Governor Paris Glendenning shortly thereafter. Her career has since taken her to the District Court of Maryland and finally the Baltimore Circuit Court – the highest-level trial court in the state.

Judge Friedman described the relationship between her public position and her faith throughout this account.

Judge Friedman also talks about:

How Class is as big a controversial issue as race in America. (18:36)

Mental Illness and the Law (20:50)

Have Prisons Become the Depositories of Society's Ills? (22:40)

The Anatomy of a Troubled Kid from the Hood in Her Courtroom (27:20)

The Rise of Domestic Violence Under Coronavirus Pandemic & Lockdown

The Rise of Crime in America - To Say It's Down is "Completely False" (41:30)

How Jews Have Also Suffered from Hatred & Stereotypes (45:30)

This and so much more on today’s #podcast!

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