RAS #480 - Night Screams


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On this time we have a screaming shadow. Yep, you read that right, and it is terrifying. Also, we have a brand new Johnny Is It True and a tale that is a real mind-bender titled An Adventure In The Fourth Dimension. We end the show with a listener request from Alex Greer that is one of my favorite short stories. It is tiled We Didn’t Do anything Wrong, Hardly. So press that play button and let’s get started. Featured Story - An Adventure In The Fourth Dimension Our featured story for this week is a real mind-bender. It is not so much the story itself, but how it is told. It comes from Weird Tales Magazine, October of 1923. The story is titled An Adventure In The Fourth Dimension and just might be the most sophisticated science fiction story we have ever had. Stories Include: Pattern Of Guilt, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Night Screams, Johnny Is It True - Strange But True, An Adventure In The Fourth Dimension, and We didn’t Do anything Wrong, Hardly. Ron’s Amazing Stories Sponsored by: Audible - You can get a free audiobook and a 30 day free trial at and - Good Treats for your dog to eat. Ron’s Amazing Stories is produced and hosted by Ronald Hood:Email: Blog Page: Facebook: Twitter: Helpful Links: - Help the podcast by taking this survey. - Use this link to submit your stories to the show. - Looking for the first 100 episodes of the podcast?

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