Are You Being Obedient To Spirit? PT II


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Our Mission Statement: To Normalize Intuition
Our Vision: To normalize intuition through the reconnection of our authentic roots, spirit, and intuitive intelligence to evolve and heal others.
Our Values: Following Universal Order, we understand that there are three truths:
• Intuitive Intelligence (Psychic/Mediumistic/Empathic)
• Evolutionary Astrology
• Numerology
Through study and application, knowledge of these three truths gives the individual understanding and awareness to develop character, integrity, and self-accountability. Every individual’s path/life contract is their own, with an accumulation of past life and future destinies. Free will dictates where and how far we will go. We strive to keep individuals at their highest vibrations in their day to day lives to become their best possible selves. Energy does not die, it only transforms, and the continuation of life after death shows the evolution of spirit through this process.
Pastor Ivy Rivera, Psychic Medium
Christina Del Rey, Astrologer
Danielle Johnson, Numerologist

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