Animation Remakes and Sheryl Crow with Skeleton Blood (@Skeleton_Blood_)


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This week, we welcome Skeleton Blood (@SKELETON_BLOOD_) to talk about remakes in animation and why and how there are no new ideas. We also discuss how every generation has its own Van Wilder, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, elementary school lunch conspiracy theories and so much more. Plus, Chid and Skelly B figure out Sigh's dirty secret and the REAL reason for his window plugs (it involves John Wayne Gacy). Someone conversation drifts into AVATAR and the Lion King and then Chid pops the question--WHAT ARE YOUR TOP 5 SHERYL CROW SONGS? Apparently BugMane himself asked her a similar question just days before--is Chid the BugMane? Then they play new game, "Eric Clapton or Kid Rock?" and immediately follow it with fan favorite game, "People Sheryl Crow has dated."
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