Chaos Regins with @Girl_wonderX @ZM_Baseball @somanybadtweets and @DoctorHugePenis


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This week, Sigh fucked up and forgot we were recording, our guest had an emergency and had to reschedule, and ol' Chiddy was left holding the virtual bag. So what did Ol' Chiddy do? Went on Twitter and publicly posted the Trycast link for any of his legion of fans to click. What happened was Deadspin commenter meetup the likes of which no one would ever wish to join. No topic. No plans. No clean audio. This episode is short and sour. We talk 4th of July, Chicago, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, and so much more.
Chaos Regins with @Girl_wonderX @ZM_Baseball @somanybadtweets and @DoctorHugePenis
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