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Today's episode starts with Sigh having a car accident, Chid accusing him of only drinking Sierra Nevada and being an enormous dipshit, and things turn into a vibrant discussion of whether or not you should use your accelerator when driving in reverse.

Rocco shows up and then the fellas talk about Stephen King for some reason and his famous erotica novel, Tommyknockers, about a man named Tommy who loves big boobs. Then, things quickly segue into a Happy Gilmore talk.

Rocco then corrects me with wrong information that I FRICKEN go along with, like a gentleman. Happy Gilmore ends with “Tuesday’s Gone” and THEN “Magic” when the names come up, people!!

Chid later reveals a million dollar idea for Netflix, Netflix, GET AT ME.

A future episode will feature Rocco reviewing Chattanooga Choo-Choo with us.

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