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Vagrant Records (Baseball) month concludes with Shakey (@ShakeNBakey). This week we discuss Jane Leavy's fantastic biography, "Koufax - A Lefty's Legacy," and the life of Sandy Koufax and the forgotten early 00's rock band, Koufax. It's somewhat fitting to pair up these two based on title alone, but you'll hear about some of the weird parallels here.
We would be remiss if we failed to mention that this episode was recorded before George Floyd was brutally murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department. We'll have more on that in future episodes (to the degree to which you need to get reactions from this very stupid podcast).
Buy Koufax music. Read Jane Leavy's book, "Koufax - A Lefty's Legacy." Buy it from a black-owned bookstore, if you can.
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