Our 1st Anniversary and Frozen Pancakes with Kara (@thebostonista)


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This week, we celebrate our 1 year anniversary as a podcast by welcoming our first guest ever back for another go. Kara (@thebostonista) talks about Britney Spears, frozen pancakes and much more. Chid explains prime tweet times and talks shit about Christopher Nolan. Then they break down the different censored versions of WAP, chid laughs so hard he drops his coin purse. Later, Kara explains why she loves frozen pancakes, and things go really off the rails. Eventually, a grim conversation about frozen pancakes dovetails into a grim conversation about the first time Chid went to Disney World as a child. Then we talk about shame, Bella Thorne, and other dumb stuff. And eventually, Sigh reveals a censored word for vagina which is truly horrific and that leads us into a Jerry Falwell Jr. digression. Shout out to Graveface Records in Savannah, Georgia.
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