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This week, Rounding Down opens its doors to Friendsmen podcast hosts, Nate Kiley (@Nateorious10) and JP Novak (@JP_Pumpkininny). The show begins with Chid explaining that the show is often recorded weeks before it is released, Sigh talks about beer. It's a hoot. Around the 12-minute mark, Sigh makes a hilarious mistake he'll never forget.
THEN the fellas talk about Netflix's new Unsolved Mysteries series. They go in depth on some of the cases, explain the old show and how it compares to the new show. They talk about race, aliens, Blink-182 and much more.
Chid's laptop explodes halfway through the record, so he scrambles to assemble a game on-the-fly with predictable results.
PLUS, Chid calls out the Zodiac killer and challenges him to appear on the show.
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