Roy Keane Versus... Destiny


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The first proper episode of Roy Keane Versus looks at the Corkman's time at Manchester United - from fresh-faced record signing in 1993 to "disgraced" exit in 2005. To get the ball rolling, we look at the highlight of his United career: the night when he single-handedly slayed Juventus in the Champions League.

(Well, more or less single-handedly, some other United players were on the pitch too. Allegedly.)

MUFC diehard Alex Barnett joins host Neil Brennan to analyse just made Roy and United a match made in heaven and why it ended in a hellish departure. David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alex Ferguson, Bryan Robson, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Jesper Blomqvist's sleeves… don't worry, we get to it all.

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