211 - Shakin' It Up!


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On this episode of Random Encounter, we’ve got a panel talkin’ about nothing new but some things new to us. Most of us are still journeying through Bravely Default II! Nicholas got through Yakuza 5 and has his sights set on Yakuza 6, planning to make good on his 100% achievement quest. Brian’s gotten himself back into Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but with a twist, which has intrigued other FE fans! Quinton’s along for the ride and loving all of it, having dipped into most of the games discussed. Oh, and he makes Jono and I want to play FFXIV (no surprise there…!). All this, and more, so get into it and listen!

Featuring: Greg Delmage, Jono Logan, Quinton O’Connor, Nicholas Whaley, Brian Mackenzie; Edited by Micah Coates

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