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The Big Picture, Climate crisis: too little, too late?


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National Geographic’s latest survey says nearly half of us now have a heightened fear of climate change. Following a year of devastating wildfires, severe floods, and rolling blackouts – is it time to reimagine America’s power grid? SmartPower president Brian Keane explains the grim reality of extreme weather, which has become an immediate threat to both neighborhoods and energy suppliers across the country. Why are dealers begging to buy your car, but may not have any to sell? Chalk it up to a supply chain that’s kept countless businesses stuck in the mud since 2020. Strelmark president Hilary Fordwich discusses the current conundrum caused by ‘just-in-time’ manufacturing. Meanwhile, the rapid spread of Covid-19’s Delta variant is cleaving the US into two separate realities, based on whether or not you’ve been vaccinated.

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