Si Nainby's Deep Dive with Mark Williams


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Si Nainby delivers a two-part podcast with Mark Williams. He is interim Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for Basketball England, a Lecturer in Sports Science and former Head of S&C for GB Basketball & Southend United FC.
1. The commute: Some quickfire takeaways
Mark's story from semi-pro rugby player to a professional S&C coach
Lessons from the Covid lockdown
The value in focussing on the basics of movement
2. The Deep Dive
The story behind Mark's PhD and why player autonomy became central to his thinking
The Paradox of S&C - How can the controlled environment of the gym carry over to the chaos of sport?
Completing the circle - Marks' evolution of thinking, from questioning the importance of S&C to the role he now sees it playing in developing players
A note from Si:
At the end, we talk about degeneracy and I had redundancy on my brain, as I'd been reading about it that day, and gave the wrong definition. This is what I should have said: Degeneracy is the ability of elements that are structurally different to perform the same function or yield the same output.
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