Episode 36: Run it like a girl with Caroline Granger, vintner


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Caroline Granger grew up on a farm in Prince Edward County, an island on the north shore of Lake Ontario, west of Kingston.

That is until her life took a sharp turn, and she left for Paris, France to pursue modelling and acting.

Caroline would eventually, years later, return to the homestead, with 3-children in tow, and a crazy idea.

Today, Caroline and her daughter Maggie run The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery, a thriving business that only makes wine from fruit grown on the farm.

Caroline says there were some challenges starting a vineyard in an area where grapes hadn’t been grown before, including vermin attacks and a late spring frost in 2006 that wiped out 90 percent of her crop. But the word failure was not in her vocabulary.

On this episode of Run it Like a Girl, Caroline discusses how she built a successful winery from the soil up, and how she made sure her voice was heard in an industry dominated by men.

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