Run it like a girl with Kristina Schwartz, Season 2, Episode 4


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Kristina Schwartz started out working with at-risk youth, working the midnight shift so she could spend time at home with her young daughter. When the mental and physical toll became too great, Kristina set in motion, a plan that would allow her to spend time with family, and make a living. Kristina opened a daycare out of her home.

After the passing of her grandmother, Kristina realized that she was meant to do more. She formulated a five-year plan to become a daycare licensor and close her own daycare to focus on overseeing others using the philosophy of childcare that she believes in.
Two years later Kristina has closed her doors and now oversees more than 20 home daycares. Kristina has had mentors along the way, people to help guide her through the paperwork and red tape of being a daycare licensor, but she says, mentorship has always started with her grandmother.

On this episode of Run it Like a Girl, Kristina explains why she isn’t interested in expanding, for the time being, and she warns potential business owners that work/life balance can be thrown into disarray when first starting out.
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