Run it like a girl with Nasheen Liu, Partner & SVP of CIO Program Strategy, IT Media Group, Season 2, Episode 18


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Even a quick glance Nasheen Liu's bio, would tell you that she never backs down from a challenge. At 19, she left her native China to study at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Not only was she living on her own for the very first time in her life, Nasheen had to learn a whole new language.

What lay ahead was a move to Canada, where Nasheen was offered a spot in a Germanic Languages Masters Program at the University of Alberta. The only catch - she had to pass an English as a Second Language test within 6 months in order to qualify. Nasheen, now fluent in German, knew no English. She passed the test.

In 2000 Nasheen entered the tech world, talking her way into a job that was looking for 10 - 15 years of tech marketing experience, she had none.

Twenty-years and lots of tech experience later, and Nasheen is Partner & Senior Vice President of CIO program strategy at IT Media Group, a successful company that she helped to form.
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