Run it like a girl with Joanna Chiu, Senior Journalist, The Toronto Star, Season 2, Episode 12


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Joanna Chiu is a senior journalist for the Toronto Star based out of Vancouver......and says there is very little diversity in the leadership of Canadian newsroom, with most decision-makers being white men.

Joanna kicked off her reporting career with a newspaper in Hong Kong, before heading into mainland China and working for a couple of major publications from Beijing, where it was important to exercise caution.

Now back in Canada and working for the Toronto Star, Joanna believes Canadians are starting to realize the issues around diversity, racism and xenophobia here at home.

On this episode of Run It Like a Girl, Joanna talks about her career, including an article she wrote last year that resulted in the firing of Canada’s ambassador to China over comments on the Mung Wan zhou case.

It should be noted that when this interview was conducted, Joanna was the Vancouver Bureau Chief for the Toronto Star. Shortly after the taping, the newspaper reorganized, dropping the Bureau Chief structure for its regional newsrooms.
To learn more about Joanna check out her website:
Joanna on Twitter: @joannachiu

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