Runescape Weekly for 7-11-2020


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I’m your host Hana, with 15 years of Runescape experience, that’s right I got my 15 year cape.

Joining me today…..


  • Malice Alice

===Notes Production===

  • The RRman

===What we Have Been up To in RuneScape This Week===

===Show House Keeping===

  1. A New Direction for RSW
    1. RuneScape news, followed by gaming, tech, and pop culture news.
      1. Really not as much of a change as it is, and admittance of how we like to go off the rails.
      2. We wanna be a more positive force in the RS community, not amplify negativity. There will still be plenty of shit posting.
  2. Thank You to all our Patreon supporters, I forgot to get the list from Magebit
  3. Recruitment Drive, We are Looking for Players Old or New, If you are an Expert In a Niche Area of Runescape, We want you!
    1. Qrasp if you hear this episode get a hold of Hana.
    2. Anyone else who has wanted to host, but we haven’t gotten the chance to meet up yet, please get in touch again.
  4. On a personal note, my mental health is much better, and if you’ve ever wanted to hang out with me in game, but I wasn’t able to get back to you, please reach out again.


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===Games We’ve Been Been Playing This Week===

(Doesn’t need to be only this week, it’s ok to not have any to talk about)


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