Tristan Stephenson on 100 mile running, heart rate zone training, sleep and coffee.


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Tristan Stephenson is a UK-based ultra runner who finished first in 2021 in the Serpent Trail and South-West traverse. Tristan began 2022 by taking over 30 minutes of the course record of the 100 mile Arc of Attrition finishing in 20:01:43.
In this episode of the Running 44@60 podcast Tristan talks about his running journey as well as sharing advice and tips to current and prospective ultra runners including:

  • See sleep as the best recovery tool
  • Practice nutrition so establishing before your event what works for you
  • Train in fasting condition so that your body gets used to burning fat
  • Not running too far in a single go in training. For a 100 mile event Tristan rarely runs beyond 26 miles.
  • Do strength training alongside your running training - once or twice a week
  • Rotate your shoes
  • Get out and run!

During training Tristan tends to run in heart rate zones with 80% of his training runs in zone one or occasionally in zone two with the remaining 20% of his training being speed/hill work.
At the peak of training for a ultra run Tristan will be doing 110 to 120 miles in a week but no more than marathon distance in one go but that could include back-to-back marathon distances on consecutive days.
Tristan thinks that coffee might be one of his secret weapons with the Origin brand meanwhile he turns to.
In terms of recovery Tristan advises that sleep is the best recovery tool.
On May 7th Tristan is taking part in the Thames Path 100 mile race.
Tristan and Jay Grady have their own running podcast – Trail and Error
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