Running, Mountain Biking, and Nordic Skiing To Stay Fit After 40: How Angie Kell Stays Motivated, Healthy, and Balanced as a Working Mom


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If you are curious about mountain biking, Nordic Skiing, or just want to hear how real runners stay fit after 40, listen as Angie Kell tells her story.
Angie describes how athletics and running became part of who she was during her childhood. She believes the unmatched friendships she has developed through sports are incredibly powerful. Most runners can relate to those special relationships that can only form on the long miles down the road. She inspires us all through her motivation to help other women succeed.
Although Angie's competitiveness used to be all-consuming, she has learned to modify her workouts and training. Now, she changes up what she does for a workout depending on the season. She finds mountain biking and Nordic Skiing give her similar emotional and physical benefits to running. Additionally, she believes in the importance of functional therapy (she uses a specific physical therapist). Angie sums up her love for working out with "I just love to climb stuff!".
Angie realizes she simply isn't her best self unless she is taking care of herself and getting out and moving. Her background in nutrition sets her up well for a healthy diet- she explains how she keeps that simple and effective. Finally, Angie details her goals for the future, attention to gratitude, and her plans for fitness to inspire us all.
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