89. Fat-Adapted Ultrarunning Success with Kelly French


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On Sunday afternoons, I do live training and coaching sessions over in the Running Lean Community of Facebook.

This past week I brought on a special guest – Kelly French – for a fun and informative conversation all about her experience becoming a fat-adapted runner.

Kelly is an ultrarunner who came to me for help transitioning to the low-carb way of life.

She made it through the tough transition period and went from being primarily a sugar burner to becoming a super-efficient fat-burning machine.

Since adopting this approach, she’s run two ultramarathons with great success!

She’s also become quite a bit leaner in the process and says she feels the best she’s felt in years.

Kelly and I had a ton of fun working together, and she’s done an amazing job of sticking with the program, as you will see.

I have no doubt you will get something out of this episode!

4 Weeks to Fat-Adapted Running

The month of September is all about fat-adapted running over in the Running Lean Coaching Group!

Starting Tuesday, September 7th, we’re going to get fat-adapted together!

You’ll learn…

  • Exactly how to become a fat-adapted runner, step-by-step
  • Which foods to eat, which you should avoid
  • The kinds of carbs you should focus on, and which you should definitely stay away from
  • How to get through the tough transition period without losing your mind
  • Most importantly, the mindset required to make it last for life!

If you’re ready to become a lean, fat-burning running machine, then you have to join the Running Lean Coaching Group!

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Interested in one-on-one coaching with me? Get the personalized guidance, support, and accountability you need to dial in your macros, become fat-adapted, and do it in a way that supports your long-term health and fitness goals. Learn more and apply for personal coaching here: www.runningleanpodcast.com/apply

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