Spicing Up Your Faction Featuring MCDM's Arcadia #7


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Ray and Ariel help make your adventuring party's faction feel fantastical and exciting throughout your campaign. As an example, we walk through The Pickling Guild, a perfect prototype for your party from MCDM's seventh issue of Arcadia. We discuss how it succeeds in some places where more traditional factions, like The Harpers from Wizards of the Coast, are lacking.

Arcadia #7 is purchasable now for $7 on The MCDM Store Or you can join the MCDM Patreon to acquire all existing issues of Arcadia *We are not affiliated with MCDM, nor do we gain any monetary rewards for purchases of their product. We just think it is inspired work worthy of attention. Our selfish desire is that by promoting Arcadia, MCDM is persuaded to publish further issues. If you liked the show today, please follow us on Instagram. It is the only means we have to get the show in front of new listeners.

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