My Night With the People Who Make the Country Work


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If you note that I sound somewhat frustrated, you would not be incorrect, because none of this is news. All of us are caught up in the middle of never-ending political agendas, but it’s disguised as news. We’re being told that this is news. “This is earth-shattering, breaking news! Why, we had no idea this was coming,” and that’s not at all what any of this is. This is all prepackaged. It’s preplanned.

It’s been edited and formatted, and it’s been timed. It has everything about it designed to move forward a political agenda. But everybody involved in that’s saying, “No, no! There’s nothing going on here. We just have an honorable guy who’s very, very worried about the country and wants to set the record.” If he wants to set the record straight, why did he wait a year and do it for millions of dollars? If he cares so damn much about this.

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