Seahawks blowout the Jets, Erin Andrews joins the show to talk 2013 NFC Championship Game, Her Career, and Women in Sports


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Russell and Jeff begin the show by discussing the Seahawks blowout victory over the New York Jets. Russell talks about how focused the team was the entire week, as they prepped to rebound after last week’s tough loss. Jeff asks Russell what it’s like to be the first quarterback in NFL history to have a winning record in his first nine seasons.

(4:00) Russell and Jeff then introduce their guest Erin Andrews, a sportscaster, television host, and actress. To start the interview the guys ask Erin what she’s been up to during quarantine, and how her job has changed as a reporter. Russell then asks Erin about her clothing line WEAR – a team apparel company specifically for women. Jeff transitions the conversation to the 2013 NFC Championship game when the Seahawks won in dramatic fashion over the 49ers. Russell recounts the game, and Jeff asks Erin about her postgame interview with Richard Sherman.

(27:15) Russell and Erin start the ‘Cooking with Russ’ segment by discussing her relationship with her father and how they bonded over sports. She explains to Russell why she ended up choosing the University of Florida, and how she tried to “affect” their games as a cheerleader. Russell asks Erin who she looked up to in the industry when she was younger, and who she wanted to be like.

(44:20) Russell and Erin recount the first time they met, when Russell was at N.C. State University. They discuss how the sports landscape has changed as more women are joining the industry. Russell asks Erin what advice she would give to a young girl looking to work in the sports industry.

(1:08:25) Lastly, Jeff leads Russell and Erin through the 2-minute drill!

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