The Seahawks are 7-3! Mark Cuban joins the show to talk Entrepreneurship, NBA Ownership, and Shark Tank


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(:25) Russell and Jeff begin the show by discussing the Seahawks’ win over Arizona on Thursday night. Russell talks in depth about how he has stayed positive throughout some bad play by himself this year, noting that the good, thankfully, outweighs the bad. Jeff asks Russell if he felt “beat up” after playing against Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams the previous Sunday. Russell breaks down how hard it is to play Thursday night games, and both the mental and physical toll that it puts on players’ bodies due to the lack of recovery time.

(11:52) Russell and Jeff then introduce their guest Mark Cuban, who is a famous entrepreneur, television personality, and NBA team owner. Russell asks Mark about his decision to financially take care of the Dallas Mavericks’ staff members at the beginning of the pandemic, and Mark tells him why it was an easy decision. Mark gives the guys his top Mavericks in terms of impact within the Dallas community. (37:10) Russell asks Mark to compare Luka Doncic to someone else, and I bet you won’t guess which NBA legends he picks.

(30:36) Russell and Mark jump into ‘Cooking with Russ’ to discuss Mark’s upbringing, NBA ownership, and entrepreneurial mindset, just to name a few of the topics. Mark talks about how he knew at a young age that he was going to have to work for anything and everything he wanted, as nothing would be given to him.

(39:36) Russell asks Mark about his love for sports and what drove him to buy the Dallas Mavericks. Russell asks him why he is so vocal as an owner, and what he thinks of the criticism he receives because of it. (1:01:11) Russell and Mark talk about his role on ABC’s Shark Tank, and what he enjoys most about the show.

(1:23:16) Lastly, Jeff rejoins the show to lead the guys through the 2-minute drill.

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