The Seahawks MNF Win! Ciara joins the show and they talk their Relationship, and their new Business Venture


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Russell and Jeff start off the show by discussing the Seahawks’ win in Philadelphia on Monday Night Football. Jeff asks Russell how he and the team managed to stay positive after not converting on two fourth downs in the first quarter. Russell recaps the week leading up to the game, as both Thanksgiving and his birthday occurred then. Russell then explains to Jeff what dictates his decisions to pass to certain players, how having Carson and Hyde back positively affect the offense, and he then shows love to the defense for their effectiveness over the past few games.

(8:30) Russell and Jeff introduce their guest Ciara Wilson, who is a Grammy award winning singer & songwriter, CEO, dancer, and model. Russell asks Ciara about her upbringing in Decatur, Georgia. Russell then talks about asking Ciara’s father, Carlton, for his daughter’s hand in marriage. After talking about their wedding, Russell and Ciara reminisce about their first date, and then about their first public appearance as a couple…at the White House.

(28:30) Russell asks Ciara about her early career, and about when she “made it” with the release of the album ‘Goodies’. Russell talks to Ciara about where he was in life when they first met, and how she made an immediate, positive impact from day one. Russell then highlights Ciara’s recent accomplishments in the business world, and the growth she has shown in the industry.

(36:30) Russell and Ciara bring on an additional guest, Christine Day, the President of Russell and Ciara’s new business venture – The House of LR&C. The House of LR&C (Love, Respect & Care) is a fashion house that includes two clothing brands: Good Man Brand and Human Nation. Christine explains what The House of LR&C is all about, and the pillars upon which the company is founded.

(1:16:20) Lastly, Jeff rejoins the podcast to run the 2-minute drill!

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