SaaS Bosses introduce thsemselves in under 60sec on Clubhouse, Recording from the session on March 4.


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Join Natalie Luneva for a weekly session on Clubhouse where members of SaaS Boss club introduce and share what they are working on in under 60 seconds, connect with other founders and build meaning relationships.

Join weekly sessions on Wednesdays at 9am CST on SaaS Boss club on Clubhouse.

This week's founders:

Christian Cox

Omar Masad

Ksenia Stark

Andrea Orlando Startupwiseguys

Rupali Thakur

Arsyi Rizzqun Fatah Obatibu

Pankil Shah

Aviv Baron

Sarup Banskota

Romona Guan

Arif Amirani Looking for advisors and entry to south asia markets

Amina El Shazly pet adoption in Egypt

Dinesh Agarwal SMM for coaches authors

Falit Jain content recommendation engine OTT

Curtis Boyd

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