#63 A Walkthrough To Launching An Early Stage SaaS Startup with Phillip Huges


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Phillip is a product builder, software engineer, web developer & Digital consultant, the founder of Out Flash, a mass email service inside Outlook, Elementary Analytics a sense making platform for your website and social media analytics, Baitcamp, A log, planner and archive for fishing enthusiasts & Sensible Backup, a backup for your windows device made easy.

He currently works full-time as a software engineer where he has experience in desktop development, API construction & off the shelf apps integrations, while he builds his SaaS companies as his side hustle on his off time.

During this interview we cover:

  • 00:00 - A word From The Sponsor
  • 01:02 - Intro
  • 02:07 - Phillip’s Background, current side hustle projects
  • 06:44 - In What Stage & Size are These projects and Elementary Analytics
  • 11:41 - Launching & What Channel did Phillip Find to Work Most Effectively
  • 13:40 - Initial Costs to get Elementary Analytics off the ground
  • 15:24 - Main challenges for growing Elementary Analytics
  • 19:34 - Setting prices & Features for Elementary Analytics
  • 21:26 - Freemium, SEO & CRO
  • 23:53 - Why Not Partnering With a Expert Co-Founder on a Pain Point?
  • 25:42 - Learning Experience & would Phillip Would do Differently Launching?
  • 27:32 - Building a Product Without a Market VS a Product Proven In The Market
  • 29:47 - Ideal Client Profile or Buyer Persona
  • 34:30 - What is the Impact of the Product & How Does It Differ From The Competition?
  • 30:00 - Advice for Those Who Want to Start Their Own SaaS Company
  • 39:54 - Top Influential Resources for Phillip
  • 42:20 Outro




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