Judith Jarvis Thompson, The Trolley Problem - Appealing To The Concept Of A Right


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This lecture discusses key ideas from the 20th century philosopher, Judith Jarvis Thompson's article "The Trolley Problem" It focuses specifically on her reframing of the issues and cases in terms of the concept of a right on the parts of the people affected by the choices of the agents in the cases. To support my ongoing work, go to my Patreon site - www.patreon.com/sadler If you'd like to make a direct contribution, you can do so here - www.paypal.me/ReasonIO - or at BuyMeACoffee - www.buymeacoffee.com/A4quYdWoM You can find over 1500 philosophy videos in my main YouTube channel - www.youtube.com/user/gbisadler You can get a copy of Judith Jarvis Thomson's The Trolley Problem here - https://digitalcommons.law.yale.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=6930&context=ylj

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