Episode 12 - Kim Barthel- Psycho-Sensory Intervention: Informed and Integrated Mental Health Support Strategies for the Treatment of Trauma


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Today it is my great pleasure to again be speaking with Kim Barthel, Occupational Therapist, from "Relationship Matters" Canada. Some information about Kim...
Kim travels widely as an instructor to a range of therapists, educators, special-needs care providers and parents. Her specialties in workshop instruction include Trauma-Informed Practice, Pediatric Neuro-Developmental Treatment, Sensory Processing, Attachment Theory, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Addiction and Mental Health.
As a consultant working globally, Kim supports agencies, schools and businesses to develop trans-disciplinary services and environments for a wide range of individuals with special needs.
As an author, Kim co-authored Canadian National Best-Seller Conversations with a Rattlesnake: Raw and Honest Reflections on Healing and Trauma with Theo Fleury in 2014.
I spoke with Kim in episode number 9 about resilience and trauma so make sure you take a listen.
Please enjoy this very informative session with Kim. We discuss trauma and the connection with sensory processing, attachment and our postural system. Kim covers these topics and more her workshop, Psycho-Sensory Intervention: Informed and Integrated Mental Health Support Strategies for the Treatment of Trauma. This training provides an integrated theoretical connection about the neurological interplay between attachment, developmental trauma and sensory processing issues.
Our discussion starts by defining what is "trauma?" A very expansive discussion......one that is well needed!
Other topics covered:

  • explaining sensory processing and why it is important to consider this system in the therapeutic process
  • the role of the attachment process in trauma, resilience and sensory challenges
  • relational attunement as a regulatory influence in stabilising the arousal and sensory processing system
  • connecting the "Arousal System Theory" with the “Window of Tolerance”
  • how attachment strategies are functionally adaptive in relation to developmental trauma
  • interpersonal neurobiology and relational attunement- why is it important?
  • therapeutic use of self in stabilizing arousal and supporting sensory processing issues
  • how trauma impacts postural control

With so much established evidence about treating trauma through the body, Kim talks about some intervention strategies for the postural and movement system that facilitates change in the emotional responses to trauma

Kim is a master storyteller and shares another wonderful example.....so listen in!

To find out more information about Kim's work, her company "Relationship Matters" and her training opportunities please see her website - kimbarthel.caand so

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