Episode 6: Deb Dana - Unravelling the "Safe" within the Safe and Sound Protocol. How applying Polyvagal prinicipals to support SSP outcomes.


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In this episode, Joanne interviews Deb Dana.
Deb has a wonderful capacity to break down complex concepts and create a language that facilitates clinical application. Through her books and workshops, Deb teaches how to embody the Polyvagal Principles in therapeutic activities to create an environment of safety, and to promote self-awareness. She is able to provide a framework for the "Safe" within the "Safe and Sound Protocol."
Introducing Deb:
Deb Dana, LCSW is a clinician and consultant specializing in working with complex trauma and is a consultant to the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium in the Kinsey Institute. She developed the Rhythm of Regulation Clinical Training Series and lectures internationally on ways Polyvagal Theory informs work with trauma survivors. Deb is the author of The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy: Engaging the Rhythm of Regulation, Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection, creator of the Polyvagal Flip Chart, and co-edited, with Stephen Porges, Clinical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory: The Emergence of Polyvagal-Informed Therapies.
Exciting News!
Remember to listen out for my daily podcast in May while attending Deb's "Rhythms of Regulation" 5-day Workshop in Mooloolaba, Queensland Australia. Deb is giving two five- day workshops in Australia sponsored by Internal Family Systems Australia.
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