Episode 8 - "Autonomic Self Care" with the SSP- Interview with Doreen Hunt, Occupational Therapist lead clinician informing protocol modifcation


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I know it has been a bit of a gap since my last podcast release. There is so much in the media right now around COVID 19 I wanted to wait and really think about how to be apart of this space right now. I wanted my voice to remain directed at my goals of sharing information about the Polyvagal Theory, SSP, related topics about wellness and neuroscience. All this information helps us better understand our own biobehavioural states, how to build self-awareness and vagal regulation. Being in a ventral vagal state resonates outward influencing the physiological state of others about you.
Please enjoy my interview with a good friend and colleague, and probably the most experienced SSP practitioner there is, Doreen Hunt. Doreen is an Occupational Therapist and is the Co-Director of Children's Therapy at Woodinville located in the Seattle area. Doreen was the first practitioner to lead the initial feasibility study when the SSP was first released. Her clinical experience with 100's of clients provided invaluable feedback to Dr Porges and iLs that helped guide SSP implementation in the clinical world.
Please listen in to find out about:

  • SSP and improved language processing
  • Changes in SCAN auditory testing scores
  • How Doreen, with the help of Dr Porges, brought the knowledge of the SSP to Speech and Audiologists
  • "Safety is Therapy" invaluable guidance from Kim Barthel ( soon to be a guest of the SSP Podcast)
  • "Priming vagal tone"
  • Continued neural integration- how to optimise neuroplasticity by a 12-month approach to implementing the SSP

Recommended Books Doreen speaks about-
Grounded by Claire Wilson
Activate your Vagus Nerve by Dr Navaz Habib
Below is the link to the Launch of the Extra Lesson Healing Trauma Conference 2020. https://youtu.be/hmWAKs099KU

The theme of the conference is Healing Trauma - explores the importance of attachment and respectful relationships in nurturing a foundation of resilience across the lifespan.

This conference aims to bring an awareness and understanding of the neurobiology of behaviour and social engagement. This understanding can be applied to trauma, autism, learning difficulties, oppositional and other maladaptive type behaviours, and sensory processing difficulties.

This conference is relevant for everyone who is interested in child development and concerned with supporting anyone who has experienced disruption during their lifetime. This includes individuals, parents, teachers, psychologists, occupational therapists, medical practitioners, social workers, mental health practitioners, disability workers and communities who care about understanding others.

The speakers and presenters are:
Kim Barthel - Occupational Therapist; Sensory Integration Specialist (Canada).
Professor Dennis Foley - Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Canberra.
Dr Bronwen Haralambous - University Lecturer in Steiner Education.

Joanne McIntyre - MS (Psych), Occupational Therapist and PhD Candidate.
Mary Willow - RN, Waldorf Teacher and Parent Educator (NZ).
Lut Hermans - Sculpture Therapist and Extra Lesson Practitioner.
Dr Mariane Judd - Educational and Behavioural Psychologist.

Online webinars will commence on Friday 1 May to Tuesday 30 June 2020 (incl) to provide participants sufficient time to enjoy and digest the rich array of presentations.

We warmly invite your registration at https://www.trybooking.com/BGVVA

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