SAGE Ep 106 SEEEEC 31 December 25, 2021 Educators Leave Out The Omnirational Correlations


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Since gravity uses energy more efficiently than radiation, and we know that Gravity (Matter) & Radiation as well as Generalization & Specialization and Function & Function are amongst the always-and-only coexisting complementarities. Then metaphysical intellect’s anticipatory design science’s synergetic Eligion is also underway, and we likewise could account for a true democracy’s omniconsiderate, omnireliable, omniloving governing system as a gravitational coherent functioning of Universe Eternal Omniscient Mind. The conceptuality of nature’s coordinate system, its coordinate symmetry compels our evolution species to explore generalized content referentially to the isotropic vector matrix in this entire regard.
Many always-and-only coexisting complementarities correlate to consciousness evolution’s realized omnisynergetic Universe. Metaphysical intellect as a function of Universe Eternal Omniscient Mind (UEOM) is naturally inquisitive about these complementarities and words that were not necessarily useful to historical content, the manifest nomenclatures in common to languages written and spoken everywhere in the world. Humans have adapted to such language while adjusting a priori thought to the cultivated slave mentality conditioning. It has been ongoing and succeeding for hundreds of years throughout the PRJWBCS Politics Religion Justice War Belief Complex Schemes everywhere in the world.
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