SAGE Ep 107 SEEEEC 32 December 27, 2021 Unconditional Purest Heartfelt Love


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Just as we had not consciously associated ‘the great cosmic intellect designing as UEOM, Universe Eternal Omniscient Mind’, we now can include ‘love as the scientific word we had not associated with gravity as an integral realization of our evolution species, humans of a mind, before learning of this in Synergetics 543.21. Without having to explain it, humans experience love as we deeply feel it for someone else. Usually that ‘someone’ is an integral relation, one’s own child, parent, a sibling, the closest family members with whom an active communicating relationship continues. It seems unimaginable to live without those we love, as if our whole lifetime exists because that loved one exists in the purest heart, the most spontaneous trust that they feel this way too.
It is sadly, deeply disappointing when the spontaneous integral love is confused with distrust as the loving relationship changes. It can change wherever self initiative’s independence and the other’s own experiences alter the interpersonal communications as the interdependent love function is modified unfavorably. This can be where and when the attempt at independence by one coincides with some deeper memories of love lost, lost trust, attachment and detachment were not voluntarily initiated and therefore could not have been in a consciously coordinated synchronous accord. Typically, individual experience is not anticipatory considered to any degree of astute observation where external influences impose on the close-knit self-other mutual assurance and nurturing as love.
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