SAGE Ep 109 SEEEEC 34 December 31, 2021 Where Friendly Faces Speak the Truth


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The lay person’s conscious awareness of it own metaphysical intellect, as a function of Universe, decides to referentially write, putting pen to paper, or it can be on any available surface as thoughts are conceptually formulated. The referential resource in my case is inspirational Synergetics concerning the problems in my world that I am experiencing or learn from gathered information that those problems exist somewhere. My imagination’s ability to formulate conceptually, as this is probably true for anyone’s focused-thought-process, requires a topological geometrical model that explicitly and consistently proves a conceptuality of the minimum structural system of Universe. It is provided thus. This is because without the minimum structural system’s topological characteristics it would not be possible to imagine six lines, four triangular faces, and four corners that eventually are known as six vectors, four triangular openings, and four vertexes.
With an intention to type out the handwritten words which are produced as a result of consciously coordinated thought and language, then read, record, and publish the content as a podcast, describing the topology of the minimum structural system of Universe is not actually necessary for each and every podcast. It would become tedious both for me and the listening audience to do so. The listening audience can hear my reminder to them to read the entire transcript on my website Sage Synergetic Links are provided therein.
Since this research project is some decades long, a repetitive process now at Episode 109 of my recently inspired educational experiment and thought process, articulating this new world religion which rapidly evolved to Eligion online. It was subsequent to hundreds of episodes under different domain names. Still, there is no way I could know who or where the internet observers tune in. So as their conceptual reasoning faculty of thought is interested enough to click on a link to Synergetics pertaining to the particular episode, they can verify the source of my inspired and disseminated information. Other links are provided as well usually pertaining to my reactions to the underway world and/or histories that remind me of the ongoing problems.
Remember to read the entire transcript ON MY WEBSITE for relevant links provided for your researching in this education experiment, SEEEEC Synergetics Eligion Experiential Experimental Education Complex

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