SAGE Ep 117 SEEEEC 42 January 24, 2022, Our Integral Semi-Divine Humanity


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It is reassuring to learn that nature always starts ever freshly with the equilibrious isotropic vector matrix field. So, what prevents metaphysical intellect, a function of metaphysical and physical Universe, from starting freshly with this unified field, a quantum energy field, a compatible generalized conceptioning field with systemic thought’s omniconsiderate, omnirational anticipatory reality? After all, it is an operational field complex and a cosmic hierarchy in some eventual recognition correlating to systemic thought and a single conceptual system that provides a common language and accounting for both the metaphysical and the physical.
It is an accommodation network to which conscious mind can refer its observations of the reenacting articulations as our humanity evolves by conscious choice out of the womb of permitted ignorance and into the ever-expanding womb of total human consciousness. We are now informed of the energetic-synergetic alternative options so that individually we can let go of the inherited detriments from the earlier humans whose PRJWBCSchemes laid the groundwork for the predominantly asymmetric propagation’s and misunderstanding about our evolution species, humans of a mind, on Earth.
We have recently learned of my acronym, PRJWBCS: Politics Religion Justice War Belief Complex Schemes. As well from Bucky Fuller’s Grunch of Giants we have recently learned of humans as being semi-divine. And from Synergetics 440.01, we learned that the nearest approach anyone will ever know to eternity and god is zero pulsation in the vector equilibrium, which attracts a mind’s focused attention comparatively to experiences of the inculcating fallacies perpetrated by religions everywhere in the world.
Fictional writers are inspired by those false premises to convey aspects of such misinterpreted experiences involving this sound word God. It is where nature would never do what humans' resort to, in the name of God spoken in any language anywhere in the world and what they are indoctrinated to believe regarding god, God. Which I have renamed UEOM Universe Eternal Omniscient Mind.
A great example of this to the extreme is the movie on Netflix, The Devil All the Time. When watching movies intellect does not generalize every concept playing itself out on the screen. But in actuality this is not an impossible feat with key words in the universal communications experience that reiterate the pernicious problem over histories of humans on Earth. The PRJWBCS is a contextual parameter that lends itself to this potential clarity as the characters in this movie, “The Devil All the Time.” They are portrayed in local settings that are replications of real live hometowns, small towns, as technology in the 21st Century is different from the 20th Century, but in every case is energy articulating as products and services correlating to observation and articulation.
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