SAGE Ep 120 SEEEEC 45 Feb 02, 2022, One-Hundred-Percent Essential


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Imagine experiencing a 100-percent-efficient energetic Universe. Is such a cosmically comprehensive strategy a realizable provision? Pro-visions result in Universe wherever the minimum structural system mathematics is known and applied in some anticipatory solution referential to its eternally regenerative integrity. As we read Synergetics 987.031, what else is a mind to think? Or are we humans never expected to anticipate and wonder how in thought and deed such efficiency may result since it is referential to a differently formulated reality basis? The Synergetically inspired reality basis is differently conceived from anything and everything we have adapted to. Can it succeed?
With the tetrahedron’s topological constant relative abundance in conceptioning field that also is anticipatory reality’s starting basis, where the six vectors equal zero, awareness of it provides a conceptual model that is not otherwise provided by the information we have learned to take for granted without actually thinking deeply about the origins of its premises, its philosophies, the authoritarian certainties that seem perpetually problematic, correlatively to distrusting more than trusting its emanated source as all indications of it are going on in the world. When it does not become more comprehensive as the political behavior demonstrates contradictory values of enormous costs and consequences into trillions and trillions of dollars involving hundreds of millions of people in this nation and more than one billion in China and more than one billion in India. The world population Worldometer reads: close to eight billion human beings, with the births increasing by the second from 7,924,489,100. Yet, who besides me today is reading Synergetics 987.031?
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