SAGE Ep 122 SEEEEC 47 Feb 07, 2022 No Tyrants Allowed


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Consciously knowledgeable intuition experimentally controls its own thought-language coordination of experientially anticipatory (speculatively) interactions. Anticipatory design science expectations are metaphysical intellect’s speculations with the geometric model’s generalized conceptioning operational field in mind. Momentarily the human events are theoretical. We can devise a superficial checklist as the comprehensive thought takes shape, correlating to the irreversible EISEDP, which are among human events, Experiences Intuitions Speculations Experiments Discoveries Productions. The EISEDP process is non identically repetitive and irreversible as experience alters previous experience but not in any correlation to backwardly directed time. (Synergetics 502.20 through 502.25)
How otherwise can consciousness evolution’s awareness of human events conceive the correlation to cycles, angles, frequencies? Where a true democracy concern differentiating and integrating systemic thoughts equi-economic cosmic forces, the isotropic vector matrix is the experimental self-other discovery as productions are in full swing to eventuate resolutions to inherent nuclei, an eventual no gain or loss because of equanimity model is involved in the conceptioning field. (Synergetics 987.031)
REFERENCE for this episode today is provided with links shown on my transcript at Remember to read the entire transcript for your research in this education experiment, Synergetics Eligion Experiential Experimental Education Complex, SEEEEC.

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