SAGE Ep 123 SEEEEC 48 Feb 08, 2022 Metaphysical Intellect As a Consciousness Evolution Integral


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Increasing numbers of PRJWBCS video and audio podcasts are produced in the world these days. But when is the mind’s omnirational consciousness evolution going to refer its coordinating thought and language to the micro-macro cosmic limits of the nuclearly unique relativity and its operational field? The answer is, wherever and whenever the podcasts host refers the content of its disseminating intentions to the referential energetic-synergetic Universe’s energy quanta modules. The topology and geometry of the energy quantum module are described in Synergetics as conceptual inventories of the cosmic hierarchy. The content is generalized referential to the minimum structural system of Universe.
The significant differences are conceptual, imaginable as R. Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking provide the geometric models and also the illustrations that convey what is thus far understood as the generalized content. It is the generalized content of disseminated information that induces metaphysical generalized conceptioning field of thought.
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